Stephanie Launches Campaign Memoir

Running on TRUST and Rainwater is the title of the memoir written by Stephanie Lochte Ertel about her campaign for State Representative in 2016.  The book is full of insights and pokes at conventional wisdom, with the purpose of encouraging other Democrats to run for office.  Running for office as a Democrat is the ultimate resistance to the Republican efforts to make Texas a one-party state.    .   IMG_1932

The book is available at Democratic Party events including the Bandera Democratic Party meeting on September 16 at 3:00 at the BEC building in Bandera, the Kerr County Democrats meeting on September 19 at Riverside Nature Center, 150 Francisco Lemos in Kerrville at 6:15 p.m., and the Hill Country Texas Democratic Women luncheon at 11:00 at Kroc Center in Kerrville.

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