Children and families, public school funding, public school teaching, our water resources, our criminal justice system, regional hospitals and health care, low wage workers, new energy sources, higher education–all these areas of concern are supported by advocacy groups who will be writing, calling and visiting members of the legislature during this election year to urge them to allocate scarce resources wisely, and to thank those who have the courage to stand up for the future of Texas.  Find your passion, join a group effort and make a difference.

UGRA Guadalupe River Cleanup in Kerrville


Stephanie (far right) and a crew of Kerr County Democrats, joined by Derrick Crowe and staff.

Lobbying the 85th Legislature in Sessions

Advocacy in 2017 found us lobbying at the Capitol with Texas Impact in the Regular Session against SB 4, Vouchers and the Bathroom Bill, then back for the Special Session against the Bathroom Bill and Vouchers once again.

We also lobbied with Texas Democratic Women and Planned Parenthood for women’s health and against the Constitutional Convention bills and SB4.



The March for Science in San Antonio



 Advocacy began on January 21 at the Women’s March in Austin–50,000 marchers and nothing but love and commitment to the future of our country and state.

Preview of the General Session

The 85th Texas Legislature began its session on January 10.  I stood on the Capitol steps at 10 a.m. to hear the Service of Public Witness presented by Texas Impact.  Ministers and representatives of many religious faiths spoke about the meaning of courage and the common good, urging our legislators to be mindful of the needs of the people when they approve the state budget and allocate resources.  You can see and hear this inspiring service on the Texas Impact web site.

The Legislature was faced with a budget shortfall of at least $5 Billion compared to the current budget, and the need to improve the public schools, improve health care coverage and facilities and build infrastructure.  Additional funds are available in the Rainy Day Fund and in the power to move highway funding to other state needs.  Most members have signed pledges to never raise taxes, so Texas will continue to rank low among the states on services, education, maternal health and other measures of quality of life.